Sales Floor

Do you sell goods and/or services? Then we have solutions to fit your business. Our goal is to provide you with a web-based tool set that allows you to manage many aspects of your business through one system that you can access from anywhere you can connect to the internet. One of our greatest advantages over many competitors is that you no longer have to manage an in-store and online inventory separately. This allows you to maximize the exposure of your products and services without doubling the work. There are many other tools and features, from personnel management to customizable reporting to receiving inventory that will all give you a greater ability to know your business.


  • Web based point of sales
  • Basic Store/Inventory management
  • Basic real-time reports
  • Purchase ordering

$149 / month

(per location)


  • Web based point of sales
  • Full Store/Inventory management
  • Full real-time reports
  • Purchase ordering
  • Full website management tools

$299 / month

(per location)


  • Web based point of sales
  • Full Store/Inventory management
  • 3 level pricing (cost,whlsale,retail)
  • Invoicing/terms
  • Full real-time reports
  • Purchase ordering
  • Available B2B ordering tools
  • MFG website management tools

$399 / month

(per location)


Whether you need to integrate an e-commerce website into your Sales Floor system or just need a stand-alone content only website to promote your business, we have you covered! We work with you to design and create a professional website that you can manage directly from your Sales Floor system.


  • You choose layout
  • We implement your graphic/colors
  • Manage you're own content
  • Safe/secure online cart

from $2000


  • Customized layout/features
  • advanced functionality available
  • retail and vendor supported
  • safe/secure online cart

From $4000

Get Paid

companyBE powered shopping carts will work with almost any credit card processors. However, we have some great direct integrations that will add convenience, save you money on fees and help you offer the best options to your customers.

Mercury Payment Systems

Mercury Gift Cards



All our service plans include initial training and setup help. After that, we include up to 2 hours a month of technical support at no extra charge. Your support emails and calls are answered by a real person that actually uses the system…Not someone reading out of an FAQ manual.