Who we are

CompanyBE offers creative cloud-based software solutions that help you know and grow your business.

CompanyBE is evolving the experience of using software for small to medium retailers. By combining fully-integrated software solutions with robust service support, investing in a CompanyBE system streamlines management operations, allowing the business owner to make a key growth shift away from working in the business to working on the business.

For ten years, Company BE has been implementing custom, cloud-based software solutions and working with businesses that sell to operate more efficiently and keep up with the speed of commerce. Inventory control, point-of-sale, customer and employee relations, content management and real time reporting are combined into one coordinated, service-backed business management tool that simplifies the whole process, saves time as well as money and ultimately makes you a more effective business operator.

Our Story

CompanyBE software was designed and built in direct response to the challenge of running a small business more efficiently and effectively. Developed from the collective experience of being retailers ourselves, we needed an intuitive, straightforward system that could be accessed from anywhere an Internet connection is available.

Before CompanyBE, there was Emage, a Denver hard and soft goods retailer in action sports. Being more inclined to spend our free time in the outdoors rather than sitting in an office pounding the calculator, we wanted a system that could aggregate our sales, inventory and operations data with ease, then deliver it in a simple format and have it be accessible online from anywhere. We wanted a system that possessed high-functionality and sophisticated indicators of real-time business activity. We wanted all of this under one entry point. Once we built a system that could do all of this, we wanted to help other retailers realize the same freedom.

Today we are doing that and continue to empower small businesses to perform in big ways through smart retail software and service solutions. As competition in global and online commerce tighten, CompanyBE software solutions provide business owners the tools they need to stay lean and nimble, so they focus on the things that matter most- creating a smooth operation and leading their businesses to increased growth.